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Privacy policy

Bollywood Planet is very serious about the security of readers data and privacy. We don’t share your information collected through the newsletter, comments, etc. to the third party.

What kind of information do we collect from our end?

When the users comment on our post we ask for Name, Website name is optional we do receive all these information just to know the identity of the users to avoid the spam.

Sometimes you will see the subscribe newsletter pop up on our blog which will ask you to enter name and email to subscribe to get updates from us when new articles get published. We don’t use this information to Spam or don’t share it with the third party.

For the information security, we are very strict about it, and we use an Akismet plugin to identify the Spam.

Why we collect information?

We collect your personal information from the various methods. We are collecting this information to improve our performance, enhance our site, user experience, etc.

Third-party Ads

We are displaying ads from some of the advertising partners like Google Adsense. They might collect your information to track the performance. We don’t use your personal information unless we need it for some valid reason.


When you visit the web page, the web server passes the small messages to your web browsers is called Cookies. When you want to load another page, then your browser sends that cookie to the server on the previous page. Here we are using the cookies for a better understanding of our users to collects the different stats and to save the user preferences for future use.

Comment policy

We don’t approve each comment we receive. Before approving we saw the advantage of that comment to another user if it is adding value or giving more information about the content then only we accept it. We ban the people whoever are spamming with the comment. Here at Bollywood Planet, we are using an Akismet plugin to find out the spammers.

Last updates on policy

This privacy policy has been updated last on 25 Feb 2018

If you have any queries about our privacy policy then feel free to contact us [email protected]